Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finn Throws a Fit!

Hello again, today I am here to tell you a little bit about my favourite book (don't worry I wont tell you the end)! My favourite book is "Finn Throws a Fit!". I love this book because of the illustrations and ideas. It is about this little boy called Finn and he has a fit but not just any ordinary fit!! I won't tell you any more because I want you to find out for yourself!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pepper my little puppy

Woof woof (as my dog would say) today I am here to tell you a little bit about my dog. First of all her name is Pepper (as in salt and pepper not peppa pig). She is a schnauzer cross poodle so she is a schnoodle.

 Pepper loves exploring and getting up to mischief. Sometimes she come in from outside and she's covered in sand and spider webs. When we say "get your ball" she runs and gets her ball!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Awesome Bead Charms

One of my best friends showed me how to make this!!!

Things You'll Need:

1.Tie two pieces of string together (any size)  at the top.

2.Grab a bead and put one string of the wool through one side of the bead and do the same with the other string and the hole on the other side of the bead.

3. Do the same thing with the other beads the tie it off when your finished

You can use these for- charms for your bag, bracelets for your friend or even just decoration. 

easy make pom poms

wool(lots of wool)

1.Cut out 2 pieces of circular cardboard with a hole in the middle(make sure they're the same size).OO

2.Thread some wool (any colour) through the middle of both circles, around then through the middle and around until you can't see the cardboard circles any more.

3.Push a little bit of wool(around the edge) so you can see the cardboard and cut in between the 2 pieces of cardboard.

4.Tie a piece of string between the pieces of card and slip the pieces of card out from the side (have fun).

Adventure Time

Hi, Adventure Time is my favourite show. I love it because there's lots of adventure and has lots of princesses. My favourite characters would have to be Finn the Human, Marceline the Vampire Queen and Fire Princess. I have a few mini figures of Lumpy Space princess, Marceline, Jake the dog (he's shaped like Finn) and Finn. My figures of Finn has got a broken leg (when i say "broken leg" I mean his leg broke off) and this happened on my desk. My desk has a thousand things and Finn must have gotten crushed and it broke. When I found him I cried to my self very quietly ): ): ):. 

Finn the Human:He's adventurous and loves to help people, his best friend is Jake and Finn is the only human left.

Jake the Dog:He is a dog but when he was young he rolled in a puddle and became magical. He can stretch into any shape or size.

Marceline the Vampire Queen:She is a vampire but only eats the colour red so if you have got an apple she would turn it into a grey apple. She also has a great talent on the guitar.

Lumpy Space Princess:She is a princess that lived in Lumpy Space until she moved out because of her parents. Now she lives in the forest and hasn't got much food left.