Monday, April 7, 2014

Adventure Time

Hi, Adventure Time is my favourite show. I love it because there's lots of adventure and has lots of princesses. My favourite characters would have to be Finn the Human, Marceline the Vampire Queen and Fire Princess. I have a few mini figures of Lumpy Space princess, Marceline, Jake the dog (he's shaped like Finn) and Finn. My figures of Finn has got a broken leg (when i say "broken leg" I mean his leg broke off) and this happened on my desk. My desk has a thousand things and Finn must have gotten crushed and it broke. When I found him I cried to my self very quietly ): ): ):. 

Finn the Human:He's adventurous and loves to help people, his best friend is Jake and Finn is the only human left.

Jake the Dog:He is a dog but when he was young he rolled in a puddle and became magical. He can stretch into any shape or size.

Marceline the Vampire Queen:She is a vampire but only eats the colour red so if you have got an apple she would turn it into a grey apple. She also has a great talent on the guitar.

Lumpy Space Princess:She is a princess that lived in Lumpy Space until she moved out because of her parents. Now she lives in the forest and hasn't got much food left.

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