I love Blythe, and so does my Mum. Blythes are large headed dolls. They have a string on the back of their head and if you are to pull the string down the eyes close, and when they open again they are a different colour (sometimes looking a different direction too). The dolls are from Japan and are very expensive.You can't really buy a boy Blythe but you can customise one or by one customised but they'll be expensive. Blythes come in three sizes, neo (large), middie (medium) and petite (small) (there is also kenner which are the ones made originally in 1972 for only one year). 

I have around five but some if my petites are the fake ones from Littlest Pet Shop, and my Mum has just over ten. My Mum makes really pretty clothes for Blythes and they sell for a lot of money.

Petite               Middie               Neo

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